A leading producer of high quality quartz surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. Our products are highly resistant to stains introducing easily manageable worktops with the ability to simply wipe any spilt product without leaving a stain. Consisting of the hardest existing minerals Quartz are extremely durable benefiting from high resistance against external aggression like scratches and acidity. Silestone offers bacteria protection using a formula based on the generation of silver ions which prevents the propagation of bacteria. With this technology customers enjoy an added protection value to their kitchen worktop or bathroom surfaces which cannot be found elsewhere. Silestone is available in a wide range of colours and a wide selection of textures ensuring the accessibility to the right colour for the style required for your kitchen or bathroom and also presenting your with endless decorative possibilities.

25,000+ Colours

Wide range of colours to choose from!

Small Deposit

Really small deposit for any project size!

10 Years Warranty

10 Years warranty to all our worktops!

Best Price!

We will beat any quote by 10%